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Welcome to the brand new WowPatterns!

The beta version is now a fully made pattern download site with the same goodies plus extra. Over the past few months, we went on to planning this refurbished and clean new site for you guys. It is still the same old; free vector and seamless patterns for all to download. Did we mention it’s free? Yes? Cool. It will always be, don’t worry.

How did it start?

Who doesn’t love a good pattern? We do. A pretty pattern could brighten up any space, your phone, or even your clothes. We are always on the lookout for fresh and unique patterns, but whichever pattern we like are either too expensive to download or a subscription was involved. Hence, we decided to make “WowPatterns”, a free to download collection of vector and seamless patterns.

What will be happening now and in the future?

We will be starting out with an in house collection of patterns, in a couple of categories. Over the next few months, we are looking to add in a lot more fun and unique categories to the site. We also encourage artists, designers, and anyone with a creative and artistic streak in them, to contribute patterns to our site. You can submit your patterns via the form on the Submit page.

Who are we and how do we make all these patterns?

We are a small group of designers, artists, and pattern lovers, who only wish to give out the best patterns to everyone out there. We believe everyone deserves to work with good quality resources, henceforth our reason to give out these patterns for free.

Each and every pattern we make follows a particular process. We start by researching and understanding the trends and what kind of patterns people require. We then make loads of sketches and sit together as a team to finalize the composition, colors, and style. After each pattern is digitized we iterate upon it, trying different colors and styles. When we are happy with the final pattern outcome, we make it live on our platform.

So now that you know all about us, why not go around the site, check out our Collection and download the ones you like? True to our name, we only have “wow” stuff around here.