30 Best Free Blue Background Vector Seamless Patterns

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What is your favorite color ? Let us guess: Is it blue or is it one  of your favorites ? We are sure because blue is one of the most liked colors in the world , we don’t say it out of blue but by looking at studies and surveys conducted by leading researchers. 

And also most of the famous things are blue , like facebook’s logo and color scheme , Vincent Willem van Gogh’s  starry night and doremon .

Blue reminds you of feeling of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil and secure. And it explains why we can’t take our eyes off the color. 

Let’s look at wowpattern’s 30 best blue vector pattern collection and images which are free to download.

1.Blue & yellow shooting stars seamless vector pattern. Space background

Catalina Blue background makes sure it gives you the exact space feel and the opaque starts and elements make sure it gives you a sense of depth and when you look at the blue & yellow shooting stars the seamless pattern comes to life.

Blue & yellow shooting stars seamless vector pattern



2.Multicolor fluid shape on blue background. Seamless vector pattern

This Han Blue colored background with modern multi-color gradients fluid shapes makes sure you travel ahead in time. Imagine if this was used in any websites or print medium how different and polished the design might look.

Multicolor fluid shape on blue background. Seamless vector pattern



3.Green tattersall checks on blue background. Seamless vector pattern

You might be wondering, what’s a green checks pattern is doing on this list? But do you see Valhalla blue in the background? That’s exactly what makes tattersall check perfect to be used for fabrics, home decor and much more.

Green plaid checks on blue background. Seamless vector pattern

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4.Tartan seamless vector pattern. White checks on blue background

Tartan originated in wool and this digital Tartan with resolution blue and endeavour makes sure you can feel how sophisticated a pattern can be, this pattern comes ready to be used in print or digital projects.

Tartan seamless vector pattern. White checks on blue background



5.Colorful handbags and hats on blue background. Summer wear vector pattern

Summer has always been depicted using bright colors but this Tory Blue is not a conventional design, and that’s exactly what makes this summer pattern cool. Handbags and beach hats make sure the summer vibe comes to life.

Colorful handbags and hats seamless vector pattern. Summer wear design



6.Beach elements on light blue background. Summer vacation vector pattern

Blizzard Blue background with emphasis on pool tube and beach elements like sunglasses, bikini, and slippers helps to set the mood. Best for any kids related projects because of the playfulness of pattern.

Beach elements seamless vector pattern. Realistic summer vacation design



7.Orange slices on blue background. Summer citrus fruits vector pattern

Been fascinated by patterns on juice boxes? These orange slices on Havelock Blue background are here fresh from wow patterns farm for your branding and design needs.

Orange slices seamless vector pattern. Summer citrus fruits background



8.Pink and blue alcohol ink wallpaper. Artistic water flow background

Alcohol ink is a recent internet sensation , don’t worry if you can’t make one for yourself . This Pink and blue alcohol ink pattern definitely reminds of unicorn and no wonder why this is one of our all time favorites.

Abstract water flow artistic design alcohol ink painting



9.Colorful tropical leaves on a blue background. Floral seamless vector pattern

This St Tropez blue background with multicolor floral pattern is best to be used on shirts, greeting cards and can be customized according to your project needs.

Colorful tropical leaves seamless vector pattern



10.Maracas on blue background. Mexican musical instrument vector pattern

Love for maracas and want to use it as a wallpaper and can’t find it anywhere ? this Mariner blue background maracas pattern is the one you need the most. The opaque maracas creates slight visual illusion.

Maracas seamless vector pattern. Mexican musical instrument background



11.Flamingo birds & palm leaves on a blue background . Seasons vector pattern

Flamingos are the internet’s favorite from home decor to appearing on music videos, love for them never ends. This Rich Blue background flamingo pattern says it all and did you notice that it’s hand-drawn?

Flamingo birds & palm leafs seamless vector pattern. Season background



12.Mangos on blue background. Hand drawn summer fruits vector pattern

You won’t find mangos for every season except these mangos which are available throughout the year on Midnight Blue background and guess what these are free.

Mangos seamless vector pattern. Hand drawn outline design background



13.Hand drawn banana fruit on blue background. Fruits illustration vector pattern

Another most liked fruit and design element on the internet, let’s be honest you would have come across at least one banana related post everyday. This comic-style hand drawn banana pattern on Waikawa Grey-blue is the best illustration you will find.

Hand drawn banana fruit seamless pattern. Outline design background



14.Deer head, mistletoe and snowflakes on blue background. Christmas vector pattern

Christmas patterns are the most searched for and  are used for almost everything possible and this deer head snowflakes pattern on Endeavour blue background gives you a chance to show off your presents with a personal reference.

Deer head, mistletoe and snowflakes seamless vector christmas pattern



15.Blue polka dots seamless vector shape pattern. Flat design background

Polka dots are must-have for everyone and so does this polka dots patterns on Manatee blue background.

Blue polka dots seamless vector shape pattern



16.Abstract lines and doodle dots vector pattern. Seamless background

Give a marker to a kid and ask them to doodle, and this abstract line and doodle pattern on Persian Indigo blue gives you the result and you don’t have to go through the hassle of starting from scratch.

Abstract lines and doodle dots vector pattern. Seamless background



17.Solar system icons & seamless vector pattern. Space planets on blue background

This Cherry Pie violet with a 40% blue mixed background compliments the Maya Blue and other colors used for the planets. These illustrations are done like icons and are seamless.

Solar system icons & seamless vector pattern



18.Snowflakes, stars, winter cap and gloves on blue background. New year vector pattern

New year – patterns – gift wraps these 3 are best friends and we know it, this new year pattern with elements like winter cap and gloves on Cerulean Blue background will never go out of fashion.

Snowflakes, stars, winter cap and gloves seamless new year pattern



19.Astronauts, spaceships and constellations on blue background. Space vector space pattern

Like astronauts and spaceships? This cartoon constellation space pattern on the Egyptian Blue background can be used in projects related to kinds.

Astronauts spaceships and constellation seamless vector space pattern



20.Doodle arc with lines on blue background. Hand drawn abstract vector pattern

Candy lovers this is for you all, this doodle arc with lines on Ultramarine blue background is best to show off how much love candy.

Doodle arc with lines vector pattern. Hand drawn abstract background



21.Snowflakes icons on blue background. Winter season vector pattern

Havelock Blue background with snowflakes, this winter pattern is self-explanatory.

Snowflakes icons and seamless vector pattern. Winter season background



22.Pink & blue simple paisley seamless vector pattern. Indian block print

This paisley Indian block pattern on Chambray is minimal, colors are subtle and what else do you need to make a good design using this.

Pink & blue simple paisley indian block print design



23.Blue and purple alcohol ink high resolution modern wallpaper. Abstract art background

Dripping, abstract purple and inky blue background that can be used as a great wallpaper.

Blue and purple alcohol ink on canvas



24.Sky blue seamless camouflage vector pattern. Abstract geometric background

You don’t camouflage easily and that too a vector pattern which you can edit. So what are you waiting for? Check this blue seamless camouflage pattern.

Sky blue seamless camouflage vector pattern. Abstract geometric background



25.Colorful octopus vector pattern. Underwater ocean animals on blue background

Like octopus then  you will definitely like this Chetwode Blue  background octopus pattern , this can be used for websites , prints and also for  fabrics.

Colorful octopus ocean animals on blue bubble background



26.Jersey Knit Plaid seamless vector pattern. Blue and yellow checkered

Yes it’s free ,This vintage looking madras check is what we are talking about . Go ahead and  download this Cerulean blue background pattern.

Jersey Knit Plaid seamless vector pattern. Blue and yellow checkered



27.Blue feather background, beautiful hand-drawn vector pattern

The hand-drawn blue feather pattern is aesthetically done, playing with fill and outlines of elements made a drastic change to the outcome. What do you feel about this pattern?

Blue feather background, beautiful hand-drawn vector pattern image



28.Blue and white wave seamless vector pattern. Abstract repeat background

Blue and white waves, a classic design with modern Steel Blue gives an entirely new vibe to it. You might think this is not seamless but guess what it is.

Blue and white wave seamless vector pattern. Abstract repeat background



29.Happy new year 2021 seamless vector pattern

A fun, New Year party inspired pattern on a dark blue background.

Happy new year 2021 pattern



30.Colorful mandala seamless vector pattern. Indian block print texture

Some bold, colourful mandalas on a blue background make up this beautiful ethnic pattern.

Indian block print texture



Liked our list? Why don’t you tell us which one of these blue patterns is your favourite and tell us how you used it. 

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